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Defend with SparGuard™, a surface protectant with fight.


Despite the use of cleaning chemicals today, we are threatened by more harmful microorganisms than ever before. Microbes have become adaptive to current chemicals and have become more difficult to control. Be it inadequate cleaning methods or the improper use of cleaning agents, microbes have shown a readiness to take advantage of such situations.

SparGuard Microbial Defense—EPA approved and U.S. patented—creates a layer of protection on any surface to fight against the threat of harmful microbes.

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SparGuard protects
surfaces from

60-90 DAYS

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Through our dispersal service, SparGuard polymerizes to all surfaces covering it like a layer of electrically charged swords. Microbes are drawn to these “swords” and pierced through the cell wall while positively charged Nitrogen molecules shock and kill them.

This combination of physical attacks reduce the risk of creating mutated and adaptive microorganisms known as “super bugs.”

SparGuard works to protect surfaces from:

Bacteria Gram Positive:

Bacteria Gram Negative:


  • Fungi
  • Algae
  • Yeast
  • Mildew
  • Mold
SparGuard has significant third party testing (non-EPA testing showing efficacy on specific microbes) Contact us for more information.

Effective. Safe. Green.

After specific independent testing, SparGuard is effective and safe to use, and does not use heavy metals, triclosans, phenols or poisons, making it environmentally friendly.

Best of all, it is long lasting and due to the physical kill, there is no chance of forming super bugs.

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